Guiding Your LASIK with Virtual Simulations



We believe laser vision correction is about unleashing you, so you can be more of you all the time. SpecifEye is all about helping your ophthalmologist getting there in precisely the right way.

What is SpecifEye?

SpecifEye is software that uses a 3D virtual model of the human eye to simulate conditions and treatments of the eye. SpecifEye can tailor this model to look and act exactly like your eye with just one scan commonly captured during a visit to the ophthalmologist.

With this model of your eye we mimic the exact same process your ophthalmologist goes through in planning your treatment. We predict the end from the beginning. The difference is that we do it computationally while your ophthalmologist does it based on their many years of experience. Together, your physician and SpecifEye makes the perfect team for your case.


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