Ophthalmic Computational Modeling for Research

In this world of increasing oversight for medical devices and intricate treatment options, precision and prediction are critical. OptoQuest believes in breaking these and other barriers that the ophthalmic industry faces in providing better vision and care for patients.

Whether building a diagnostic or treatment device, SpecifEye can help validate novel theories or clinical ready treatments in a cost effective and timely manner. SpecifEye is a computational modeling platform for simulating a wide variety of corneal and refractive procedures. If there is a treatment type we don’t currently simulate, we are likely able to build a module that will be able to simulate it. In addition, we are able to customize existing modules to the needs of specific groups.

Explore modifications to treatment algorithms. Improve treatment outcome predictability. Design, refine and test new treatment concepts for feasibility. Accelerate the innovation process and time to market. Potentially reduce clinical trial risk and cost. OptoQuest’s personnel includes the industry's best published team in corneal biomechanics, so let's talk about your needs and how we can collaborate to make your team successful

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