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Industry Partners & Researchers

OptoQuest's computational modeling platform and industry-leading panel of surgeons, scientists, and engineers have the expertise to optimize current applications of your surgical system and to discover the procedures of the future. See what your surgical system can really do by leveraging OptoQuest’s library of patient-specific finite element eye models to:
  • Explore modifications to treatment algorithms,
  • Improve treatment outcome predictability,
  • Design, refine and test new treatment concepts for feasibility 
  • Accelerate the innovation process and time to market, and
  • Reduce clinical trial risk and cost.

(OptoQuest products are for investigational use only.)
SpecifEye Demo
See Innovation
Are you anticipating high volume modeling projects? Want to have more control over the process and timeline? Well, OptoQuest has created a version SpecifEye™ just for you. Including all of the features available to physicians, researchers get the benefit of exporting simulated post-surgery geometries and options for comparing simulated outcomes with actual clinical results.
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Contract Consulting & Development
Possibilities A La Carte
OptoQuest boasts Industry's best published team in corneal biomechanics. Let's talk about about how our experts can lend powerful insights to your ophthalmic research and development. 

Consider embedding SpecifEye's computational modeling in your device's workflow. Computational modeling assists physicians in planning optimal treatments for novel devices and procedures. Contact us today and see how we can embed more value in your device.
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Optical Coherence Tomography & Elastography
OptoQuest is also developing a novel optical coherence tomography (OCT) elastography device that will provide reliable, patient-specific biomechanical diagnostics of the anterior segment. This proprietary technology opens up a whole new wave of possibilities with intra-operative and desktop diagnostics. Vectralis™ could be just the thing to complete your surgical system or suite of ophthalmic devices.