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Corneal & Refractive Ophthalmologists

Based on the latest corneal biomechanic research, OptoQuest is developing treatment planning guidance software for corneal and refractive surgeons who seek to enhance patient outcomes, and reduce the risk of complications and costly retreatments. Unlike standard clinical nomograms, OptoQuest's solution looks at a more comprehensive sweet of clinical variables to provide 3D, individualized predictions of your next surgery. Check out how you can take your practice to the next level:
(OptoQuest products are not for sale and are for investigational use only.)
SpecifEye Demo
A Vision Into The Future
Imagine clinical software that fits into your current clinical workflow, predicts a patient’s treatment outcomes, leverages outcomes data, and aids in treatment optimization through simulation. OptoQuest is developing SpecifEye™ to empower physicians to make more informed decisions and treatment plans.

After importing your preferred clinical tomography scans and defining the intended treatment, SpecifEye™ will generate personalized reports including predictions of post-surgery topographies, refractions, ectasia risk, treatment parameter optimization, and more. Use SpecifEye to help plan:
  • PRK
  • Lenticule Extraction
  • Crosslinking
  • Corneal Incisions
  • Corneal Implants

SpecifEye Demo
Case Analysis
Improving One Case At A Time
Ever had a case whose outcomes surprised you? For example, could you have avoided that case of surgery induced ectasia? Well, now it's time to get answers! Our finite element modeling technology and team of expert physicians and engineers specialize in finding answers for obscure cases. Contact us today to find out how we can answer some of your lingering questions.
SpecifEye Demo
Optical Coherence Tomography & Elastography
OptoQuest is also developing a novel optical coherence tomography (OCT) elastography device that will provide reliable, patient-specific biomechanical measurements to aid in the risk assessment and surgical planning of corneal and refractive surgeries. As a standalone imaging system, Vectralis™ can provide you 3D views of anterior segment structures and highlight areas of mechanical risk. When ported directly to SpecifEye™, the combination of technologies provides unparalleled precision in custom risk analysis and treatment optimization.