Case Studies

OptoQuest is commercializing a simulation-based refractive surgery guidance platform consisting of OCT-based elastography technology and computational modeling.

Patterned corneal collagen crosslinking for astigmatism: Computational modeling study

OptoQuest’s model driving development of patterns for novel treatment of astigmatism with collagen crosslinking.

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction Refractive Procedure (flapless technology)

Optoquest helped an industry leader in surgery and imaging by investigating their new technology. We modeled flapless refractive surgery (SMILE) and demonstrated for the first time that this approach produces lower stress increases in the residual stromal bed than a comparable LASIK correction. The simulations also showed that stress distributions in a post-SMILE cornea were more similar to an unoperated control eye than a post-LASIK cornea.

Analysis of Corneal Elastic Modulus Change After Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus

Optoquest partnered with the corporate sponsor of a US clinical trial of corneal collagen crosslinking for keratoconus and post-refractive surgery ectasia. We performed patient-specific inverse finite element modeling analyses to determine the change in corneal elastic modulus produced by crosslinking treatment.  Our technology is capable of extracting material properties of the cornea by minimizing the error between the model-derived post-treatment corneal curvature and the actual procedure outcome.