Guiding Your LASIK with Virtual Simulations



We believe laser vision correction is about unleashing you, so you can be more of you all the time. SpecifEye is all about helping your ophthalmologist getting there in precisely the right way.

Comprehensive Aid for Treatment Planning and Screening

SpecifEye™ offers unparalleled planning technology with the ability to identify patients who are susceptible to specific postoperative complications. Using the principles of corneal biomechanics and a more complete set of data available on each patient, SpecifEye™ is designed to improve the quality of the results for the patients and reduce the risk undertaken by both surgeons and patients.

Setting a New Standard

Computational modeling is a leap forward in ophthalmology’s capacity to predict the nuances of each cornea’s behavior. Existing nomograms and other planning tools fail to look at the comprehensive details of the patient and the treatment. SpecifEye™, on the other hand, can look at a more complete array of patient details to determine the optimal treatment for any individual. This makes all the difference when trying to anticipate post-operative outcomes and identifying a treatment plan for currently unpredictable treatments. SpecifEye™ can also provide guidance on procedures for which there is no history of outcomes to rely on either globally or for individual surgeons.

SpecifEye’s™ Competitive Advantage

SpecifEye™ is a computational modeling platform for simulating any surgery within the corneal and refractive space. Currently we can simulate LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and arcuate incision procedures. Additional treatment types will be added in coming years. SpecifEye™ is the only guidance software in the market that provides a structural risk analysis – a direct look at the affects of treatment on the pre- and post-operative strains of corneal tissue.

OptoQuest Quality

OptoQuest is composed of a team of highly dedicated and published biomechanical engineers. Spun out of BJ Dupps’ MD, PhD, lab at the Cole Eye Institute at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, SpecifEye™ is built by the same team that has published 40+ peer-reviewed articles establishing and validating the use of finite element modeling in ophthalmic applications. We have the most recognized and protected patents in the world. OptoQuest has also validated and refined SpecifEye™ within the clinics of several key opinion leaders across the world.
Current paradigms for optimizing outcomes are retrospective, probabilistic, and population-based. The new paradigms will be prospective, deterministic, and personalized.

BJ Dupps MD, PhD Cleveland Clinic: Cole Eye Institute


Interested in Learning More?

Have more questions? Schedule a demo of SpecifEye™ with one of our product specialists.

Which treatments can SpecifEye™ simulate?

Currently SpecifEye™ can simulate LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and arcuate incision treatment types.

How will SpecifEye™ affect my clinical workflow?

We have designed the software to make a minimal impact on clinical workflow. Once trained, a technician typically takes 60 seconds or less to complete a simulation request. The physician-friendly, printable report can easily be used in any treatment planning method.

How do I know it works and that it’s accurate?

Please learn more about the scientific validation our team has completed to date. Our team has published 40+ peer-reviewed articles on the science and the method.

Which tomography devices are compatible with SpecifEye™?

SpecifEye™ is currently compatible with Pentacam and Galilei.

What support comes with SpecifEye™?

Our team is dedicated to providing you support around the clock. Having a problem with the software? Email or call us any time.

What countries is SpecifEye™ available in?

SpecifEye™ is currently available to physicians in the United States. We hope to be expanding to European countries soon.

How can I be sure that patient information has been kept confidential?

We regularly test the security of our system for any security vulnerabilities. Any vulnerabilities are addressed as quickly as possible. We strive to keep our operations in conformance with HIPAA regulations. No certification for HIPAA exists, but if there was one, we would get it.

How does my practice's surgical volume affect SpecifEye's utility for me?

SpecifEye™ can be used in any corneal or refractive practice regardless of size or experience. Our onboarding process provides training for all members of your practice to ensure that you are maximizing the value of SpecifEye™ and communicating its benefits to your patients effectively.