Breaking barriers to better vision.

Our Vision

We believe that barriers were meant to be broken.  In ophthalmology, there are boundaries to be pushed and new records to set.  We combine the best of ophthalmology with the best of engineering to set new standards in corneal and refractive surgery.

The Problems


Drop in volume of
refractive surgery since


of qualified patients
opt out of surgery


of cataract patients opt
for premium treatments

Ophthalmologists and patients never have to wonder again what’s coming after the treatment is over. SpecifEye™ uses advances in computational 3D modeling to simulate the structural and visual outcomes of each patient’s personalized treatment.

After a simulation, SpecifEye™ provides intuitive displays for the ophthalmologist that will guide them to a deeper understanding of how the biomechanical structure of that specific patient’s cornea will react to the treatment the ophthalmologist has planned. Currently, SpecifEye™ supports simulations for LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and arcuate incisions.

  1. During the initial patient visit, the patient’s eyes will be scanned using a corneal tomography device.
  2. That scan will be imported into SpecifEye™ along with the ophthalmologist’s initial treatment plan.
  3. After submission, our simulation engine will go to work simulating that specific patient’s treatment.
  4. A report of the visual and structural outcomes is generated and made available to the physician for review.

The process typically takes 20 minutes or less. When done, a decision can be made or the treatment plan can be refined to achieve optimal outcomes.

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