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    Service-Based Modeling

    OptoQuest’s SpecifEye computational modeling platform has the power to optimize current applications of your surgical system and discover the procedures of the future.
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    Point-of-Care Modeling

    SpecifEye software solutions can be integrated into your treatment workflow, or embedded into your device to enable true structural treatment, the next generation of customization in refractive and corneal surgery.

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    OCT Imaging and Elastography Device

    OptoQuest is developing a novel optical coherence tomography (OCT) elastography device that will provide reliable, patient-specific, biomechanical measurements to aid in corneal and refractive surgeries.

Patient focused.
Technology driven.

Our mission is to lead the personalized medicine revolution in corneal and refractive surgery.

Your patient. Your plan. Your choice.

OptoQuest is the leader in patient-specific modeling for refractive surgery. Our computational modeling technology offers ophthalmologists and ophthalmic industry partners a complete treatment guidance platform to predict outcomes and inform patient-specific planning of corneal and refractive surgeries.

Our complementary core technologies include: Vectralis™, a novel OCT-based elastography device, and SpecifEye™, a surgery modeling software for combining imaging data and biomechanical measurements in robust, personalized predictions of surgical outcomes and disease risk.

Use SpecifEye™ with Vectralis™ or your existing corneal tomography maps to generate 3D finite element models for individual patients. SpecifEye's™ fully detailed topographical predictions, custom risk analysis, and treatment optimization introduces the field’s first platform for true biomechanical customization.
(All OptoQuest products are for investigational use only and are not being sold.)

OptoQuest provides physicians with patient-specific information to create better treatment options and surgical plans. See what OptoQuest can do for you.
Researchers & Industry Partners
OptoQuest has assisted pioneers in the refractive surgery industry to improve their treatment algorithms, as well as surgical systems. Take a look at what we’ve done.
We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and advancing scientific discovery through research.  Learn more about our studies over the years.
Patient focused. Technology driven.